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History of U.S. Table Tennis
Volume XII by Tim Boggan is now on sale.


Hall of Fame Committee

Dick Evans

In 1948, at the age of sixteen, my coach and mentor, Herman "Whitey" Lykins of West Virginia took me to see the U.S. National Championships in Columbus, Ohio. In that incredible, historic final Dick Miles beat Marty Reisman in the cliff-hanger deuce-in-the-fifth game. It peeled the skin from my eyes, and I was hooked for life on this little--but marvelous--sport.

Although having played competitively since that time, my winning resume' is modest: men's singles titles in two states (i.e. Rhode Island and WV), a number of state doubles titles, one U.S. Open Esquire Doubles titles, and twice runners-up. My serious involvement however dates from being partners in ownership of the Columbus (OH) Table Tennis Courts, the home club for six national champions during the 1960ies & early 70ies (i.e. Daljoon Lee, Insook Bhushan, John Tannehill, Freddie Henry, Mike Dempsey, and John Gray).

In 1976, I was asked to be in-charge of the setup and registration for the first Las Vegas Nationals held at Caesar's Palace. It was the beginning of a 15 year assignment as Director of Physical Operations for 15 National and 5 U.S. Open Championships, culminating as Assistant Manager for Richard McAfee at the Atlanta '96 Summer Olympic Games.

Table tennis has been a wonderful lifetime sport for me...and has kept me 77 years young--although still a fly in the ointment.

Tim Boggan Historian

Tim Boggan is a former International Table Tennis Federation Vice-President, a former three-term President of the United States Table Tennis Association (now USA Table Tennis), and a former Secretary of the Association.

For 13 years he served as Editor of the USTTA’s National Publication, then followed by editing his own magazine. He is the author of Winning Table Tennis (1976), and thereafter Volumes I through IX of his continuing multi-volume.

He taught English at Long Island University in Brooklyn for 33 years, and since 1965 has been a prodigious writer for the Sport. Having retired from teaching, he is currently the Association’s Historian and Chair of its Editorial Advisory Board.

He has received the ITTF Order of Merit Award and the USTTA Barna Award. In 1985 he was inducted into the USTTA Hall of Fame, and in 2006 received the Mark Matthews Lifetime Achievement Award.

He was a member of the 1971 U.S. “Ping-Pong Diplomacy” Team that opened the door to China, and since then has attended, as official and/or journalist, more than 25 World Championships. In 1975 he Captained the U.S. Team to the Calcutta World’s.

As a player through six decades, he has on occasion, in addition to some modest early tournament success, and, later, some success in World Veterans Championships, been the U.S. Over 40, 50, 60, and 70
Singles and Doubles Champion.

Both of his sons, Scott and Eric, were U.S. Junior and then U.S. Men’s Singles and Doubles Champions. Both are in the U.S. Hall of Fame.

Dean Johnson
Member At-Large

Dean’s table tennis career began in 1957. During the 1959-1961 seasons, he was Nationally ranked in the top 40. During the 1963 and ‘64 seasons, he served as USTTA National Ranking Chairman.

After taking time out to build his advertising business and raise a family, he resumed playing in 2003. He now plays regularly in the Virginia Beach Club, the Newport News Club and he’s a member of the newly formed Hampton Roads Table Tennis Club in Chesapeake.

Dean is also a member of the Hardbat Advisory Committee.

He lives in Virginia Beach with his wife, Helga, who was a ranked player in Canada before coming to the U.S. in 1964.

Sean O'Neill
Member At-Large

A 2008 Hall of Fame member, Sean O’Neill has represented the United States in every international competition possible, including the Pan Am Games, Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup (team, doubles, and singles), and various international championships.

A five-time U.S. Men’s Singles, Doubles Champion, and six-time U.S. Mixed Doubles Champion, Sean won a total of twenty-eight U.S. Olympic Sports Festival medals, of which twenty-one were gold. A member of four Pan Am Games teams, Sean won two Gold, five Silver, and one Bronze medals.

Sean worked for NBC Universal at the Olympic Games in 1988, 2004, and 2008 doing color commentary. Sean currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Scott Gordon
Member At-Large

Scott Gordon is a professor of Computer Science at California State University. He started playing table tennis in 1978 at Jeff Mason's "Table Tennis World" in Sacramento. He is past-chairman of the USATT Hardbat Committee, and writes articles periodically for the USATT Magazine. He founded the Santa Rosa table tennis club in 1996, and taught table tennis at Sonoma State University. He has also recovered and restored historic 16mm films for both the USTTA and for the ITTF. Scott is the color commentator for ESPN's BudLite Hardbat Classic.

As a player, Scott was the 2009 Over-40 U.S. Open Hardbat Champion and is a four-time U.S. Hardbat Doubles Champion. He hopes to raise awareness of table tennis' legacy and its past champions.

Dick Hicks
Member At-Large
Donna Sakai
Yvonne Kronlage
Member At-Large
Mal Anderson
Member At-Large